30 years already,
and a new generation takes flight
October 27th 2021
Aluminerie Alouette recognized for actions in health and wellbeing

We bring together bright, motivated employees who are open to innovation. We develop our skills as a team to constantly reach new heights.

Our commitment

Our commitment shows the value we place on our employees, our partners, the community, and the environment.


Our performing teams spare no effort to manufacture a world-class product that makes our life easier, with a focus on innovation and sustainable development.

Sustainable development

We are committed to the principles of sustainable development and the highest health, safety, and environmental standards. We respect our most precious resources and, working with the community, we support the fight against climate change.


96% 7 1,84
t éq. CO2/t

Amount of process water

released into the environment

Non-hazardous materials

recycled or reclaimeds

Scrubbers used to protect

the environment

Equivalent per tonnes
Greenhouse gas emissions (stable)